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Sharper than Thorns


This is an amazing book. Full disclosure, I am one of the editors. But that aside, Rachael has a way of drawing the reader in and not letting them go even after you close the book. You will fall in love with these characters, *eyes Tariq*. Definitely fan girling over a book I had a hand in and I cannot wait for everyone to read this magical sci-fi book!

-Anne J. Hill

Mzia’s vulnerability and courage endeared her to my heart. I resonated with her desire to help and heal wherever she can, and oh goodness, how I wanted things to work out for her!

I loved that this book followed some tropes, but turned others on their heads. This clever mix keeps you guessing what will happen next. The world building and character development is excellent. It’s a departure from a “normal” setting for sure! I enjoyed the progression of this tale- watching the story spool out bit by exciting bit- wondering how it could ever resolve. I loved being pulled into the story and losing track of time in its pages.

-Zoe Harland

This book was absolutely gripping!

Rachael has built the world so brilliantly it feels almost familiar! The characters are fantastically written and complex, and I'm so invested in the main gang that I will absolutely be reading anything that comes next.

The likening to Rapunzel is brilliant - the idea that she is what heals is so clever.

-Ciara Ryan


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Rachael Katharine Elliott is a middle school English teacher and world traveler. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Education from Grace College and Theological Seminary. In her spare time, she sews costumes to wear to renaissance fairs and convinces her friends to read classic British literature. She lives with her roommate in Northern Indiana where they embark on many adventures.

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