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Cover - Once Upon Her Veins
Once Upon Her Veins

Mzia is a lowly village healer in an empire crumbling from years of drug wars and unrelenting illnesses. But her blood harbors a dangerous secret, and with it, she fights to bring balance back to her broken world. When the government discovers her location and tries to silence her, Mzia must choose what she is willing to sacrifice to keep the truth alive.


Skycaptain Tariq is a loyal soldier who has served the empire faithfully all his life. As a Mark of the Emperor, he is sent on a mission to bring back dangerous fugitives. But when he discovers one of the fugitives has an ability deemed impossible, his world unravels.


The royal family will stop at nothing to extinguish those who challenge their authority. But the drug wars have taken their toll, and more than one rebellion is stirring in the kingdoms. The people are ready for change when whispers of a cure catch on the wind. Myth becomes reality as the truth of Mzia’s blood threatens to bring the government to its knees.

Book no.2
Book no.1
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